Alternative Funerals


Eco-Friendly Cremation

Some would argue that cremation is as environmentally friendly as burial. Although cremation uses un-renewable resources, it quickly achieves a process that takes many years to achieve through burial, and it does not use up precious urban or agricultural space.

It is possible to choose a cardboard coffin instead of a traditional coffin in this instance if preferred. Cardboard coffins can also be personalised which captures the personality of your loved one

Cardboard Poppy

Cardboard Music

Cardboard Football

Cardboard Chocolate

Natural Woodland Burials

A ‘Green’ funeral is sometimes referred to as a ‘Woodland Burial’, using a coffin made from biodegradable materials like willow or cardboard. This type of funeral is becoming more popular as there are many woodland cemeteries around the country. These burial grounds are kept as natural as possible and usually memorials and headstones are not permitted, although some allow simple memorials laid flat, and usually memorial trees can be planted to mark a grave.

A ‘Woodland Burial’ offers a natural form of burial and gives very important environmental benefits. Giving a true sense of creating life from death, the area becomes a haven for wildlife, returning to nature and becoming a place of peace and tranquility.

White doves can be released at the graveside

Woodland and private land burials

Willow, bamboo and cardboard coffins

Non Religious, British Humanist and Civil Funeral Services

Alternative venues eg:- public house or football stadium

Themed Funerals

We can help you to create a funeral that reflects a person’s particular life passions or hobbies. Themes have included military and uniformed groups, football, music, fashion, motorcycles or just asking people to dress in a specific colour.

A variety of hearses are available on request including a Harley Davidson or Triumph motorcycle hearse, a Trike motorcycle hearse, Cadillac hearse, pink, white, silver hearses and vintage hearses, even a VW Volkswagen camper hearse.

Bespoke or eco-friendly coffins designed individually are also available in a variety of choices to suit your individual requirements and taste.

For further information, please see Section: ‘Coffins’ and ‘Vehicles’.