Arranging a Funeral

Our Condolences

We understand and appreciate that this is a very sad and emotional time for you and your family. There are no fast set rules about what you will be feeling and experiencing, and there is no timescale to work by. You have to do what is best for you at any given time, and you have to try to adapt to a different way of life now that your loved one has died. But they will always still be part of your family and no-one can ever take that away from you.

Our aim is to provide as much help, guidance and comfort to you and your family during this difficult time.

Please accept our sincere condolences.

Things to consider when arranging a funeral

Most people have their own special ideas and taste about the type of funeral they would want for themselves as individuals. Some prefer a traditional Victorian style with Top Hats and possible horse drawn funeral carriages. Some prefer a more modern low key approach and others may wish for something alternative, something a little different, more individual like a burial in a woodland cemetery using an environmentally friendly coffin made of wicker or cardboard.

There may be personal requests suggesting that no one wears black or people will wear a certain colour of tie. Different types of musicians, singers, jazz bands and pipers instead of using an organist are becoming more common place. The choice is yours to make and we are here to support and advise.

Day and Night Supervision

A 24 hour service, seven days a week is provided by our dedicated team, all of whom are willing to respond at any hour. Clients should not hesitate to telephone at night if help is needed.

Before The Funeral

We shall be pleased to help compile newspaper announcements for submission to all local and national newspapers. Most newspapers will only accept death announcements from Funeral Directors.

Nowadays care is counselled in incorporating detailed addresses for reason of security. It is much wiser to generalise simply with the details of your district. The normal practice is for us to incorporate our name and telephone number so that friends can check about any additional service details that they may need to know, without having to trouble you. We do not divulge any personal details, addresses, or telephone numbers, without your permission being obtained first of all, and then only when we are entirely certain of the identity of the person enquiring. We record the name, address, and telephone number of anybody wishing to contact you directly, and we shall transmit this information for your approval before putting them in touch with you.

Printing of Order of Service Sheets can be arranged on request but, please bear in mind, at least three clear day’s notice is required.

Any reputable florist is equipped to accept orders of flowers at short notice – for example the day before the funeral service. They will guide you as to design, cost and availability of certain flowers, and will deliver the order to your home or to our premises on the day of the funeral. If you have any difficulty or would, in any event, like to use the services of our florist then please do not hesitate to ask.

You may wish to keep a record of those people who have sent flowers, with a view to acknowledging them subsequently. If you prefer we will list the flowers for you on request or collect the personal message cards attached to the tributes and hand them to you personally afterwards.

After the Funeral

Our staff and vehicles will remain with you throughout, and will be on hand to return you home, or to some alternative venue afterwards.

Traditionally hospitality is provided at home for relatives and friends, some of whom may have travelled considerable distances, and we can quite easily advise regarding catering services for a buffet if this is required.

Alternatively we can arrange facilities for you with a local hotel if this is preferred.

We are also able to arrange hotel accommodation for any relatives who may travel before the service, and where it is not convenient for them to stay with you.

You may wish to donate the flowers afterwards to a church or residential home. We will willingly deliver the flowers for you, and we will always provide the recipient with your details as most homes wish to acknowledge their appreciation of your gift.

It is fair to point out that most hospitals, nowadays, do not welcome the delivery of flowers, primarily because of the problems of staff availability in receiving them. It is normal practice to remove cards from flowers before they are donated, and you may wish to retain these rather than preparing a list.

Alternatively flowers may remain at the graveside which, in most instances, is normal practice, or in the Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium to bring comfort to succeeding mourners. This allows them to be inspected during the following day if you desire.

We may check with you a day or two after the service concerning any acknowledgements that might be required by way of general newspaper announcements or personally printed cards which we are able to supply.

After Care

We feel our responsibility to you does not end after the funeral, and if you feel that our experience might benefit you in an advisory or practical way we are always available to you.

Grief affects us all in different ways and at different times. There is no right or wrong way in how you should be feeling. Emotional help and support can be found from your family and friends or from your minister. Alternatively, your GP (General Practitioner) may be able to offer support or they may signpost you to an appropriate support group or an individual counsellor.

If your relative has died in hospital, please ask the Bereavement Team as they may also be able to provide counselling and support.