American Style Caskets

The Brystol 

A solid poplar casket with a dark walnut polished finish, and a tan crepe interior. 

The Michigan

A solid maple casket with a natural oil finish. It has a split lid, modern shaped panels and base, and is fitted with a 100% natural cotton interior. This is suitable for cremation and burial.

The Oakland

A solid oak American casket with a split lid, matching bar handles and delicately engraved corner posts with a superior tan crepe interior.There is an actual wheat sheaf fixed into the inside of the casket lid as well as being engraved onto the four corner posts

The Memphis 

A prestige highly polished solid mahogany American casket with a split lid, matching bar handles, a beige velvet interior and padded interior lid.

The Arlington

A solid poplar American casket with a deep American cherry finish. There are decorative curved corner posts, matching handle bars, a wonderful tan crepe interior with a sunburst patterned lining to the interior of the lid.

The Jefferson

A solid classically styled oak casket with a shaded satin finish, a decorative oak leaf motif set inside the casket lid, matching bar handles and a tan crepe interior 

The Presley

A stunning pure white casket with a high gloss finish, matching bar handles with mirrored handle supports, a white crepe interior and a sunburst pattern in crepe inside the lid.

The Sinatra

A solid cherry casket with garnet gloss finish, beautifully detailed work to the exterior, complimented by an ivory basket weave interior, and the elegant exterior metalwork gives a refined finish 

The Corpus Christi

A solid poplar casket with a highly polished finish and an executive tan crepe interior.
It features images of the Last Supper on the handle supports and corner posts, as well as on the lid panel.

The St Louis

An elegant solid poplar casket with a high deep gloss finish, matching bar handles with Last Supper engraved handle supports, a tan crepe interior with The Last Supper interior lid panel and crucifix.